futrefrksmeout (futrefrksmeout) wrote in emo_pirates,

Tickets for Jacks 2/28 NYC Pre-Sale On-Sale Now!

Hey Kids,

News Update! The tickets for the 2/28 -- New York City, NY -- Hammerstein Ballroom Jack's Mannequin show have go on-sale BOTH through the pre-sale and to the general public on ticketmaster.com. However, if you buy them through the pre-sale, your tickets are DISCOUNTED (and you save $$ on services fees), you will be given FIRST ACCESS into the VENUE (this show IS participating), and you'll be entered into a drawing for a FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPY of Everything in Transit. See the incentives?

The 2/28 NYC Presale Ends FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8th at 5PM Eastern Time

If you're going to the NYC show, you get a lot more by getting your tickets through the pre-sale.

Tickets Available Here
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